maestoso (Keith Richie)

Keith RichieKeith Richie (/user:maestoso) is a Texas-based composer of Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtracks with a diverse and ever-growing catalog of releases.

He is heavily influenced by artists such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, John Carpenter , John Williams, and Carbon Based Lifeforms. Other major influences include Enya, Deep Forest, Kraftwerk, and Christopher Franke.

His albums stylistically range from Berlin-school, to film score, to ambient and chill-out. Each release is generally based on a central theme that conveys a soundtrack-type listening experience.

You can find out more about Keith and his solo projects by visiting his site

Keith also produces music for the VR project.  VR is a musical collaboration between himself and fellow SharePoint Developer and Musician Friend Geoff Varosky who goes by the name Musical NatureVR brings you music that will immerse you in a virtual world of the mind, where our musical stories will be the backdrop for your imagination.

As VR, Keith and Geoff have released their first collaboration album “VR:1” and are actively working on their follow up. You can find more information about VR by visiting

He is also passionate about heavier types of music such as heavy metal, hard techno, and classic rock and roll.